Oxygen Cocktail, Foam Forming Sachets

The only things you need to make great Oxygen Cocktails, or oxygen enriched beverages is lots of imagination, a sachet of our Oxygen Foam Formula, an Oxygen Cocktail Machine, an Oxygen Generator and add your own juice. For that professional touch aslo use our Oxygen Cocktail Cups and Domed Lids, and Oxygen Cocktail Straws.

250 Sachets
oxygen cocktail sachet

250 Sachets £115.00 Inc UK shipping

500 Sachets
oxygen cocktail sachet

500 Sachets £180.00 Inc UK shipping

1000 Sachets
oxygen cocktail sachet

1000 Sachets £310.00 Inc UK shipping

1000 Drink Straws

1000 Black wide Drink Straws for your Oxygen Cocktail Drinks

oxygen cocktail spoon straw 1

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1000 Clear Cups

1000 Clear Cups inc Domed Lids and UK postage £125.00

oxygen cocktail cup and lid 14 oz

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